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ABERDEENSHIRE LIFE EDUCATION CENTRES work in close partnership with a number of organisations and partnerships.

ALEC has a representative on the Aberdeenshire ADP Education Sub-Committee.  To download a copy of the most recent three year strategy, click on the picture to the right.

ADP Strategy 2012-15.pdf

Aberdeenshire Local Tocacco Alliance (ALTA).  Reducing the impact of tobacco in terms of reducing smoking, reducing the effects of smoking on communities and preventing the uptake of smoking is a key national and local priority. It remains an identified priority for Aberdeenshire and is included as an indicator for a local outcome within the Aberdeenshire Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) for the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP).  To download a copy of the most recent ALTA Smoking Prevention Action plan, click here and for the most recent Smoking Cessation Action Plan, click here.  ALEC are represented at ALTA meetings and have benefited recently from significant ALTA funding awards.

ABERDEENSHIRE LIFE EDUCATION CENTRES was launched as a charity in 2001 by local Rotary Clubs.

The ALEC Committee and Steering Group are made up of representatives from:

The aforementioned groups meet approximately six times a year.  The Rotary Clubs regularly fundraise in order to ensure that the maintenance and development of resources continues to be a priority.

All ALEC programmes from Nursery to P7 are licensed for use by Coram Life Education.  Coram's mission is to develop, deliver and promote best practice in the care of vulnerable children, young people and their families. Coram build resilience in children and young people, enabling them to take responsibility for their lives and fulfil their potential.  Founded in 1739 by Captain Thomas Coram, a philanthropist who wanted to provide care for children left dying on London’s streets, Coram is one of the UK's first children’s charities. Coram’s pioneering work attracted some historically significant patrons including the artist William Hogarth and composer George Frideric Handel.

All ALEC Educators are employees of Aberdeenshire Council and are recruited as experienced teachers from a primary or secondary background.  Educators are trained for 10-12 weeks by a senior educator before being “verified” by a representative of the Coram Life Education team.  The ALEC programmes are firmly embedded in Aberdeenshire’s primary school curriculum and as such, the annual visit is part of each pupil’s core educational entitlement.  Aberdeenshire Council also have responsibility for the towing contract for each of the three mobile classrooms.

Further partnership working exists from time-to-time with Grampian Police, Alcohol Support and other voluntary agencies and charities concerned with the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

ALEC is a registered Scottish Charity (SC028726) since 2001.  Founded by Aberdeenshire Rotary Clubs and supported by Aberdeenshire Council, ALEC is a Delivery Partner of Coram Life Education.

ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres), Hut 10, Inverurie Academy, Jackson Street, Inverurie AB51 3PX.  E-MAIL: contact@alec.org.uk