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Coram was the first ever children’s charity in the UK.  Coram help children facing loss to feel safe and loved, and to have access to education and opportunities.

Coram Life Education is the UK's leading drug and education school programme.

Every year, Coram Life Education and its Delivery Partners reach 800,000 children learn to make responsible life choices. By teaching them about diet, exercise and to manage the risks they may encounter, we help them make healthier choices and take responsibility for their own lives.

Coram make learning fun, capturing children's imaginations and ensuring our work is memorable.

Using stimuli-rich and interactive techniques such as puppetry and role play, we teach children about the cause and effect relationships of issues they may face as they grow up, including:

Specially trained educators deliver this programme to schools across the country in a fleet of mobile classrooms.

Because of the critical role parents and teachers play in protecting children from encountering risky situations, we also work with schools, parents and local communities offering support and advice around subjects that can be difficult to address.

ALEC is a registered Scottish Charity (SC028726) since 2001.  Founded by Aberdeenshire Rotary Clubs and supported by Aberdeenshire Council, ALEC is a Delivery Partner of Coram Life Education.

ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres), Hut 10, Inverurie Academy, Jackson Street, Inverurie AB51 3PX.  E-MAIL: contact@alec.org.uk