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What participating parents have said about How to Drug Proof your Kids following completion of the course:

“Great! I learned a lot and really enjoyed it”

“I really enjoyed this course and found it very valuable”

“The course is absolutely 1st class”.

Visit www.dpyk.org.uk for more information.

‘If you don’t talk to your kids about drugs, who will?

Parents are the strongest, single influence in a child’s life...

A fun and interactive community based course develop by the national charity Care for the Family.

How to drugproof your kids equips parents with the information and skills they need to encourage their children to form a responsible attitude towards drugs, including cigarettes and alcohol, steering them away from their harmful use.

How to drug proof your kids visits a number of themes throughout six sessions and sets out to assist parents and carers in the following ways…



Aberdeenshire Council, in conjunction with Care for the Family, are looking to run courses in your area on ‘How to Drug Proof your Kids’.

This six week course is aimed at any parent or carer of children aged 8 through to teens, who would like to become better informed about drugs themselves and how to help their children make positive choices.

The course will cover aspects such as communicating with your child(ren), how to educate them to make good choices, prevention, intervention and where to get help.

The course is free of charge, however donations are welcomed at the end if you feel that the course has been beneficial.

If you are interested and/or would like further information, please click here to register your interest.  This will help us to gauge demand in your area and determine how many courses we are able to run, and when.  If you feel that you have too much on at present, but would like an opportunity to attend a course in the future, then your details will be retained until the next set of courses and you will be contacted in due course.

Thank you

Kate Bloomfield

DPYK Network Administrator


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