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To assist schools and parents in following up on the mobile classroom experience, there are Family Workbooks and Pupil Activity books for each programme.  Schools who wish to place orders can do so via the link below.

ALEC Book and Charm Order Form.  Once completed, please e-mail to orders@alec.org.uk


To download the Life Education Guide to Teaching and Learning, please click here.

For further information about the Positive Teaching Strategies of ALEC Educators, click here.

ALEC aim to help children develop the confidence and thinking skills needed to make informed health choices

Modelling effective and proven techniques

ALEC Educators are trained in a range of positive techniques and behaviour management strategies, which have been refined over many years, in close consultation with expert educational practitioners from a variety of backgrounds including Accelerated Learning, Child Psychology, Circle Time and Theatre-in-Education. At the end of their training a wide range of quality standards have to be met before they gain fully-qualified Educator status.

The positive teaching techniques used within our sessions aim to support the development of critical thinking skills, positive attitudes, communication and assertiveness skills, in addition to knowledge and understanding of the human body and things that can affect health. The varied teaching and learning strategies demonstrated by ALEC Educators reflect the UK government’s model of good practice as set out in the documents Drugs: Guidance for Schools (DfES, 2004) and PSHE in Practice: Resource pack for Teachers in Primary Schools (DfES, 2004), where recommendations are made for the inclusion of:

–Warm-up activities

–Open ended questions

–Structured debates

–Engaging through story

–Closing rounds (review)

Our sessions contain a balance of these elements.

You can find out more about our positive and dynamic teaching strategies in the Life Education Guide to Teaching and Learning. There are also Teacher Observation Sheets to help teachers get the most out of observing and participating in a session. Teachers can choose a particular focus, for example, Positive Behaviour Management or Teaching and Learning Strategies. Your Educator can advise on how to make the most of this opportunity.

The Mobile Classroom

Our teaching sessions take place in a specially designed mobile classroom, which is equipped to provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment. The mobile classroom is carefully designed to give children a very positive and memorable experience that will remain with them long after the visit has taken place. In addition to a comfortable carpeted space, the classroom features a number of electronic devices, such as a fibre optic ceiling that imitates a starry sky, an interactive ‘talking brain’ and specially designed audio/visual materials. With the skills of the Educator, these facilities combine to reinforce the sense of awe and wonder about the human body that the sessions inspire.

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ALEC is a registered Scottish Charity (SC028726) since 2001.  Founded by Aberdeenshire Rotary Clubs and supported by Aberdeenshire Council, ALEC is a Delivery Partner of Coram Life Education.

ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres), Hut 10, Inverurie Academy, Jackson Street, Inverurie AB51 3PX.  E-MAIL: contact@alec.org.uk

To download a grid of all the CFE outcomes covered in the mobile classroom, click here.