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Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres is a Rotary-led charity which works with schools, parents and the community to ensure that children develop the vital knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make informed choices about health that will enhance and enrich their lives.

What we do

In a specially designed, innovative teaching environment, our highly-trained educators provide stimulating and exciting sessions using a wide range of educational techniques and strategies that are designed to:

•increase a child’s sense of personal self-worth

•encourage positive attitudes towards themselves and their health

•recognise the risks associated with all drugs, including medicines, tobacco and alcohol

Sessions are linked to the experiences and outcomes within the Health and Wellbeing Framework as set out in the Curriculum for Excellence guidelines for all Scottish schools. The children will meet Harold the Giraffe and his friends who help them to gain confidence by exploring their own friendships, having fun and sharing ideas and skills.

We are a delivery partner of Aberdeenshire Council Education, Learning and Leisure and Coram Life Education, the UK’s longest established children’s charity.

ALEC now offers programmes for pupils in S1 and S2. Using interactive technology we work with young people in every Aberdeenshire Academy to develop further their knowledge, skills and attitudes about tobacco and alcohol.

Meeting the needs of children in Nursery/Primary 1

Children meet Harold the Giraffe and help him get ready for his day. They will start to think about:

• how the body gets energy from food, water and air

• how exercise and sleep can help our body to be healthy

• body hygiene

In addition, children in Primary 1 will also think about:

• the safe use of medicines

• feelings, friends, family and others

Meeting the needs of children in Primary 2/3

Children in Primary 2 learn about keeping the body healthy and safe with emphasis on:

• learning about different food groups

• the safe use of medicines

• body hygiene

• caring and friendship

In addition, children in Primary 3 explore feelings and will:

• recognise, name and understand different feelings

• begin to understand and deal with how they and others feel

• find out how to cope with bullying and how to get help

Meeting the needs of children in Primary 4/5

Children in Primary 4 will think in more depth about:

• the brain and the nervous system

• medicines, cigarettes and alcohol and their risks

• making choices

• qualities of friendships

In Primary 5, children also explore:

• why we are all different

• having choices and consequences

• friends and their influences

Meeting the needs of children in Primary 6/7

To maximise understanding and learning, a range of activities are available to meet individual needs. Based on these choices, children develop critical thinking skills in relation to issues such as:

• the body and what we need to stay happy and healthy

• risks of legal and illegal drugs

• how friends and others can influence their choices

• how choices and behaviours can affect dreams and aspirations

ALEC is a registered Scottish Charity (SC028726) since 2001.  Founded by Aberdeenshire Rotary Clubs and supported by Aberdeenshire Council, ALEC is a Delivery Partner of Coram Life Education.

ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres), Hut 10, Inverurie Academy, Jackson Street, Inverurie AB51 3PX.  E-MAIL: contact@alec.org.uk