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I liked using the "I Need..." cards and we had to decide ourselves what was most important and what was least.

I really liked the part when the educator was pretending to be a character in the video and told us about how many people drink alcohol when they are aged 13. He made it funny in his acting.

I liked Harold showing us how things are different and how boring it could be if everything was the same.

I like it when one of us was the brain and one was the arm, and we sent the message

I loved Harold because he was funny and his singing was good.

We liked watching the TV and learning about KiKi the Kangaroo's feelings.

Tammy the body showed us where all the body parts were.

It was funny when the brain was talking to us.

It's fun way to learn about healthy bodies

I liked the interactive body the best - it shows where everything is.

I liked the quizzes-they made me think really hard

I liked being able to help Harold with his homework!

I liked the bit where we passed the ball around, showing that we all are different.

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