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Smoking in the home is the major cause of exposure to second hand smoke (SHS) in children in the UK.  In 2007, 40% of Scotland Primary School Children reported living with a parent who smokes, 27% reported they were exposed to SHS in their own home, 9.5% reported exposure at someone else’s home and a further 6.5% reported exposure in the car.  

Children and infants face the highest level of SHS exposure in the home as they are often unable to remove themselves from smoky environments.  With their airways, faster rates of breathing and immature immune systems children and infants are also vulnerable to any adverse health effects.  Exposure to SHS in childhood is associated with a range of illnesses including middle ear disease, lower respiratory tract infections, wheeze, asthma and it also appears to increase the risk of bacterial meningitis.  SHS has also been shown to be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

In March 2013, the Scottish Government announced a new comprehensive Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland, which sets out a number of actions to be taken forward in the next five years to put Scotland on the path to becoming a tobacco-free generation.  For more information on the strategy, click here.

An action within the Strategy was for the Scottish Government to run a social marketing campaign to raise awareness of second-hand smoke and to support people to reassess their behaviour and make the necessary changes to ensure their children are protected from the harms of second hand smoke.  The campaign was launched on 25 March 2014.

To support the campaign and provide information to parents on how to protect their children from the hidden dangers of second-hand smoke a new website was designed www.rightoutside.org.  The website dramatises the invisible movement of smoke through a house, where facts, coping strategies and myth-busting information is presented.


 For further information on Second Hand Smoke please contact

  Jill Smith, Smoking Cessation Coordinator on 01467 672729

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