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arranging a site visit (if at all possible) for pupils to a mobile classroom or local academy so that a session can be observed

providing useful and current information about the work of ALEC

providing suitable branded merchandise if this is required

assisting with the content of your presentation

attending the school final if your team wins the class presentation stage

involving your group in a discussion about how you would like the £3k prize money to be spent

ALEC will endeavour to support pupils as best it can by....

Thank you for supporting ALEC and best wishes with your YPI project.  

All information contained within this webpage can be downloaded as a PDF.

ALEC is a registered Scottish Charity (SC028726) since 2001.

Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres (ALEC) are eager to partner with secondary pupils who are involved in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).  Pupils who identify the misuse of substances (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and so called “legal highs”) amongst young people as being their most prominent social issue, might consider supporting the work of ALEC.  ALEC fulfils the YPI criteria of being a local grassroots charity, the impact of which is significant since it benefits every young person in Aberdeenshire from nursery through to S2.  ALEC recognises the many benefits of having pupils in local secondary schools supporting ALEC, raising the charity’s profile with fellow pupils, teachers, parents, local businesses and other local charitable organisations.  More importantly however, we also recognise that through YPI, the range of health issues that ALEC address in the mobile classroom and in the S1/2 programmes are highlighted through the class presentation.  

Please download our most recent annual report.  This will provide you with current information and statistics that will inform the content of your presentation.

If you would like a branded PowerPoint template to help get you started with your presentation, this is also available for download.

You can contact a member of the ALEC team by telephoning 07881670125, 07766361563 or 07770938082.  Alternatively, feel free to e-mail ypi@alec.org.uk.  Please also look at our schedule on the ALEC website to see which schools we are visiting in the coming weeks.  

Additional information:

ALEC is a registered Scottish Charity (SC028726) since 2001.  Founded by Aberdeenshire Rotary Clubs and supported by Aberdeenshire Council, ALEC is a Delivery Partner of Coram Life Education.

ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres), Hut 10, Inverurie Academy, Jackson Street, Inverurie AB51 3PX.  E-MAIL: contact@alec.org.uk