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Learning Outcomes:
Understand the importance of basic personal hygiene.

Seventeen year old Lucy is seen going through her morning routine from waking up through to getting washed and dressed and making breakfast. She consults her visual planner as she packs her bag.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand that there are different types of teasing and bullying and that bullying is unacceptable.
Know where someone could get help if they were being bullied.

Walking Home

Lucy and Tom are walking home from school. Behind them are two younger boys from another school, throwing leaves and laughing. Lucy gets angry and is about to shout at the boys. The audience is asked to consider the situation from all angles and what they think Tom and Lucy should do. Tom suggests that they wait in a shop until the boys have passed. Lucy agrees and says that she will talk to their teacher about what has happened.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand that nicotine and alcohol are drugs and explore the effects of drinking and smoking on the body.
Identify risks in a situation involving alcohol.
Identify and understand peer influences.
Identify and practice decision making skills in relation to healthy lifestyles.
Understand that relatively few people smoke regularly.
Understand that relatively few 11-15 yr olds have ever drunk alcohol.

Nobody Else Is

Seventeen year olds, Lucy and Tom are at a party. Tom is bored and wants to join some other people who are drinking beer. Lucy questions him on this. She points out the age restrictions on alcohol and challenges the social norm that everyone drinks alcohol at parties by pointing out that most people at the party are drinking soft drinks.

At a party, seventeen year old Lucy is full of excitement because Sam has asked her to go outside. Lucy’s friend Tom points out that they’ve been told to stay inside and questions why Sam wants Lucy to go outside.  The audience is given the opportunity to consider the issues and risks and what Lucy might do. We see Lucy practice her assertiveness skills in explaining her decision not to go outside.

Learning Outcomes:
Identify risk factors in a given situation.
Identify characteristics of assertive behaviour.
Rehearse assertiveness skills

Come Outside

My Day Begins

Learning Outcomes:
Identify risk factors in a given situation.
Identify and understand peer influences.

Can I Come In?

Seventeen year old Tom is left at home, alone. Before she leaves, Tom’s mum tells him not to let anyone in. Tom’s friend Lucy calls round, and wants to come in. We hear Tom’s thoughts as he works out what to do. The audience is invited to consider the dilemma and give Tom advice as to the best course of action. We see Tom practising assertiveness skills in explaining to Lucy that she’ll have to come back another time.

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