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No family is immune from difficulties.

Problems with alcohol/drugs affect all ages & walks of life.

We can only do our best to try to prevent problems arising.

If a problem does arise, remember help is available.

The ALEC Guide to Preventing Problems with Risk-Taking Behaviour Including Alcohol & other Drugs

Research shows us that parents and carers have an important role to play in relation to their children’s behaviour and also health-related decisions, including misuse of drugs in the future.

Evidence shows that there are some things that are able to protect children from misusing drugs and other behaviours that can be harmful to physical & emotional health & well-being.

These ‘protective factors’ may buffer exposure to risk. Some protective factors we are born with, but others can be positively influenced by parents, carers, teachers, other family members & friends.

Bonding – feeling you belong. We are more likely to follow the rules & expectations of those we have a bond with

Clear healthy consistent standards, including clear rules about alcohol etc

Being able to bounce back from misfortune or adjust to change

Raised self esteem

Positive social skills to make healthy choices & cope with everyday life

Involvement in alternative activities  - having other things to do feeling part of something (i.e. a group)


What can parents/families do?

Help your child feel involved in the family, school & community

Work on communication with your child

How can we do this?

It is a process not an event. It cannot be done overnight

Talking & listening are so important

Being involved & showing you care

This process must start early.

Children are impressionable about things like smoking & drinking as early as 5 years of age.

Use ‘learning moments’ – no lectures!

Be available to talk & use any opportunity – ‘learning moments’ (e.g. TV programme, news, something happening locally etc)

Set an example for your children

Be consistent in what you say & do. If you drink, use it responsibly. Try not to use it to solve problems & don’t glamorise it. Keeping large amounts of alcohol at home is inviting its use.

Be factual

Increase your knowledge of drugs so you feel more confident discussing them in a straightforward calm manner. Scare tactics & exaggerated stories have been shown not to work.

State your position

Let children know your views on alcohol & other drugs. Our children won’t know what we think unless we talk openly about them.

Have clear rules about alcohol & other drugs

Children need to know where they stand & what is expected of them.


Something you can do…

How to show you are involved in your children’s lives…



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